Master Exterminators

Family owned and operated with over 100 years of experience

Since the 1950s

The Master Exterminators, Inc is a family run business that has been servicing commercial and residential properties for over 73 years in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas.

Our company is a third generation company with highly trained and competent technicians to solve all your pest control needs. We are staffed to give you the best customer service a company can provide in this area. Our pest control division handles problems in the areas of Bed Bugs, Ants, Roaches, Mice, Fleas and even those pesky “Fire Ants”.

Our Termite Division handles all problems in the areas of Termite Control, Moisture Control and Vent Installations, Wood Destroying Insect Reports and New Construction Pre-Treatments.

We are staffed to give you the best customer service a company can provide in this area.

Trying to sell your home? Contact us for a wood destroying insect report.

1950 Location

Local Community

Our company supports the local community, we are involved with a number of organizations. We hold memberships in the The National and North Carolina Pest Control Associations, Greater Fayetteville Apartment Association, Home Builders Association of Fayetteville. and the Fayetteville Regional Association of Realtors, Inc. We are always seeking ways to help in our community and strive to be the leaders in our industry.

Pest Control

Our Pest Control Division handles problems in the areas of Bed Bugs, Ants, Roaches, Mice, Fleas and even those pesky "Fire Ants".

All Initial Services

Start at $95.00

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed Bugs have been on the rise in our lives and our company has highly trained professionals to evaluate, inspect and finally treat for these very unpleasant pests. Multiple treatments in multiple areas and rooms are the norm in treating for these pests. There is a preparation checklist provided for this procedure.

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Mice & Rats

This includes the initial plus two weekly follow-up services.

Start at $145.00

All Added Services with Initial

  • Outside perimeter treatment (band)
  • Fogging the crawlspace

$55.00 Each

Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance Plans

Residential service and commercial (some prices may be higher due to property size.) Technician may service your inside if you are home or outside if you are not.

(M) $55.00
(Q) $85.00

Outside Yard Treatment

The average yard size is 3/4 of an acre, we will treat the yard for fire ants, black ants, fleas, ticks and spiders.

Starts at $135.00

Crawl Space Treatments

A technician will use a fogging machine or use a liquid chemical treatment to eliminate your pest problems.

$95.00 (Initial)
$55.00 (As Extra Service)

Perimeter Treatments Along Foundation (Bands)

A technician will treat along your foundation wall and out 3-5 feet to prevent the intrusion of pests into your home.

$95.00 (Initial)
$55.00 (As Extra Service)
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Bed Bugs

Termite & Moisture Control Services

Our Termite division handles all problems in the areas of termite control, moisture barriers and vent installations, Wood Destroying Insect Reports and New Construction pre-treatments.

Estimates on Your Property

We will send a highly trained and knowledgeable technician to inspect your property and give you the best price possible at no charge.

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Complete Treatments

This is a full chemical treatment on your home and qualifies you for a damage protection warranty that can be renewed annually. The treatment may be both liquid and bait stations.

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Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIRs)

These reports are required by the mortgage company to close on most home sale purchases or to refinance your property.

Start at $75.00

Soil Warranty Pick-Up (SWPU)

This applies to those homes that are under contract with a builder for the first year after your purchase and our company accomplished the initial treatment on your home and you would like to continue coverage. (A four-year contract will be offered.)

Start at $150.00

Pretreatment on New Homes

Required on all new construction, this is a treatment of the soil prior to your home being built, you will receive a one year warranty from your builder. SWPU will be offered upon warranty expiration.

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Moisture Control Systems

For those homes that need help with controlling moisture in the crawl spaces. We will install a poly base cover on the ground to prevent moister from escaping the ground to your wooded members in your floor system. Temperature control vents may also need to be installed for air flow. Finally an encapsulation could be the answer and we would then add a dehumidifier, and insulated foam board to the crawlspace vents to control the air flow completely.

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Termite Damage 2
Moisture Damage